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Choose from our large selection of Cakes. All Cakes in Bosnia & Herzegovina are delivered fast and efficient and we guarantee the quality of our Cakes.

Bosnia & Herzegovina flowers  -  Chocolate Flurry
Chocolate Flurry

USD 94.99

GBP 74.80 | EUR 87.21

Bosnia & Herzegovina flowers  -  Chocolate Cake And Romance
Chocolate Cake And Romance

USD 109.99

GBP 86.61 | EUR 100.98

Bosnia & Herzegovina flowers  -  Vibrant Party Pack
Vibrant Party Pack

USD 204.99

GBP 161.42 | EUR 188.19

Bosnia & Herzegovina flowers  -  Romantic Celebration Assortment
Romantic Celebration Assortment

USD 224.99

GBP 177.17 | EUR 206.55


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